Tired of the Dogma?

Childcare is full of dogma. We hear it everywhere. Do this, NOT that. ALWAYS do X, NEVER even consider Y. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE for any single approach to work for any and all families.

Having worked with schools, families, and educators across a vast spectrum of philosophies, I have come to believe ONE thing:

While there are hundreds of courses, workshops, and presenters ready to tell you why their approach is the best, no method will beat the one YOU create for yourself – because no one knows your family the way you do. Together, I will help you narrow down what works for you and what to just leave behind.

In a world of #trendyparenting and head-to-head childcare approaches, let’s find what works for YOU and your children. Nix the dogma, and bring on the flexible, REALISTIC, and tangible guidance you’ve been looking for.

And while you’re at it join #therisingaction for even more flexible methods and approaches! You’ll even find LOADS of resources to simplify your life and bring your newfound approach into reality.