Community Collection

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What if every time we bought a book, someone else received a copy too?

Having worked with many different schools, I have seen many book collections. I have seen book collections that had been built over a few decades and book collections just starting out. Some have more than enough books, only adding new releases here and there, while others have a small collection that is struggling to grow.

In my niche educational community, there are many discussions had around community, collaboration, sharing of documentation.  While inspiration and collaboration is lovely, it can only take you so far without the means to make it into something tangible.

Knowing the importance of books in early childhood, I often eat the cost to grow my classroom collection. Books are valuable for a plethora of reasons, and I am always looking to buy more when I can. I have a growing list of books I would love to add to our collection, and slowly one or two at a time, I have been chipping away.

What if every time I made a purchase, I made two instead? One for my classroom and one for another. This might mean my collection grows a bit slower, sure. But it grows the early childhood community collection overall. In a niche where community is touted as necessary, it is time I put it into practice.

If you can, when making a purchase, double it. Grow your classroom, grow your school, and also grow your wider community.

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