I have always been intrigued by beginnings – all sorts of beginnings.


A new book.

Getting to know new people.

The opening paragraph in essays.

I may not judge a book by it’s cover, but I do by it’s first sentence. The beginning is the foundation. A foundation is the support system – it sets the stage and dictates how the rest will follow.

That is how I see my everyday life in the classroom. I am immersed in the rising action of these children’s lives. We are forming their foundations with every¬†interaction.

And Without a Strong Foundation – All the Things Fall.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Sarah, I am in Cambridge Massachusetts. It’s great to hear from like minded educators, thank you for commenting!


      1. May I please know your name as I’d like to give credit to you as the author of the following sentences from your rough housing article that I’m wanting to post in my classroom:
        “Very rarely do I see children doing work that they find easy, for a long period of time. Children, much like adults, like challenge.”
        Thank you so much


      2. Hello Barbette, my name is Cynthia Evans. Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed ‘Rough Housing Without Rules’!


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